Project Overview

Tahe Project to Promote the Spread of EBM (Minds) aims to support decision making on the part of patients and healthcare professionals and improve the quality of healthcare through the dissemination of high-quality clinical practice guidelines. Specifically, it is intended to provide informational support by providing clinical practice guidelines and related information so that patients and healthcare professionals can share information on treatment options that are considered to be sufficient scientific rationale and can select the best treatment method on the basis of an agreement between patients and healthcare professionals in consideration of patients' values and wishes, their ethicality as healthcare professionals, and social limitations, etc.
“Minds” stands for Medical Information Distribution Service and is used as the common name for this project.
The background of this project is as follows: We received Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants beginning in FY 2002, started building a clinical practice guideline database, and started posting clinical practice guidelines through our website in FY 2004. Since FY 2011, the program has been continued as a project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (EBM [Evidence-based Medicine] Promotion Project).
Minds is a project with 4 pillars: (1) support for preparation of clinical practice guidelines, (2) evaluation and selection/disclosure of clinical practice guidelines, (3) promotion of utilization of clinical practice guidelines, and (4) support for patients and citizens. Minds operates the clinical practice guideline database "Minds Guideline Library (" and provides an environment where everyone can view clinical practice guidelines and commentary for the general public free of charge through the Internet.

Timeline of Minds (Project to Promote the Spread of EBM) (December 2001 onward)

2001 December Japan Council for Quality Health Care decided to introduce an EBM database project
2002 April Establishment of EBM Medical Information Service Center
October The 1st EBM research forum was held (every year thereafter).
2004 May Minds website opened to public
Start of publication of clinical practice guidelines for healthcare providers
2005 April Start of publication of commentary on academic society version of guidelines
1st Minds Seminar (held every year thereafter)
Joined the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) as an organizational member
2006 October The 1st Consultation Meeting of the Clinical Practice Guideline Preparation Group was held (every year thereafter).
2008 September Minds website renewal
2011 February English-language page posted on Minds website
Started to publish English versions of clinical practice guidelines prepared in Japan
April EBM/Clinical Practice Guideline Program evolved from a research project supported by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Research Grants to a project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Project to Promote the Spread of EBM [Evidence-based Medicine]) [FY 2011 - FY 2015]
August Participation in the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) Conference started (participation every year thereafter)
2012 February Minds website renewal
October Began participating in International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)
2013 May Held clinical practice guideline development workshop (annually thereafter)
2014 March Published "Minds Clinical Practice Guideline Preparation Manual ver. 1.0"
April Issued "Guide to the Preparation of Minds Clinical Practice Guideline 2014"
May Public posting of Clinical Practice Guideline Development Support System "GUIDE"
2015 August Start of provision of Minds Mobile
2016 March Minds website renewal (top page)
April EBM/clinical practice guideline project continues as a project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Project to Promote the Spread of EBM [Evidence-based Medicine]) [FY 2016 - FY 2020]
November Start of disclosure of examples of use of clinical practice guidelines
2017 May Opening of general consultation desk for clinical guideline development support
Posting of "Easy-to-Understand Guide to Clinical Practice Guidelines (Part 1, 2, and 3)"
July Minds website renewal (integrating Minds mobile functions)
December Published "Minds Clinical Practice Guideline Preparation Manual 2017"
2018 March Establishment of "Information Page for Patients and Citizens"
Start of disclosure of "stories about the experience of patients and citizens participating in clinical practice guidelines"
April Start of trial evaluation before publication of clinical practice guidelines
November Opening of "Treatment Guideline Registry" of clinical practice guideline information under preparation
2019 March Established "Minds Tokyo GRADE Center"
Minds web site renewal (introduction of the concept of mobile first)
April Introduction of the evaluation before publication of clinical practice guidelines
July Posting of "Minds Tokyo GRADE Center" Web page
Posting of "Q&A for Patients and Ordinary Citizens”
November Held lecture commemorating the establishment of Minds Tokyo GRADE Center