Minds Tokyo GRADE Center​

(Updated March 12, 2020)
This section introduces information related to Minds Tokyo GRADE Center, GRADE working group, and GRADE approach.

Minds Tokyo GRADE Center​

Minds Tokyo GRADE Center is an organization established to disseminate the GRADE approach in Japan.
It was established by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care in March 2019.
The main activities are as follows:.

  • Holding seminars, workshops, etc. to disseminate the GRADE approach
  • Proposals on how to prepare clinical practice guidelines in Japan, including the GRADE approach
  • Activities to contribute to development of GRADE approach

The video about Minds Tokyo GRADE Center Commemorative Event

The following events were held on November 29-30. Please refer to the following for details such as lecture videos.
・Minds Tokyo GRADE Center Commemorative Speeches    
・The 22nd Japanese Clinical Practice Guideline Development Groups Conference
・The 1st Minds Tokyo GRADE Center Workshop

GRADE working group

The GRADE working group is an international working group of individuals who develop and provide the GRADE approach. Here we have gathered various information on the GRADE approach.

GRADE Handbook

The GRADE Handbook introduces the process for using the GRADE approach.

GRADE Series in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

In the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, we introduce the GRADE approach by topic. Currently, there are the following articles.

Evidence to Decision (EtD) Frameworks