Procedures for the Evaluation, Selection and Publication of Japanese Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) in MINDS

Data search/Screening:

A two-stage screening process is performed for CPG identified by searching the database or literature.

Evaluation using AGREE II

The CPG identified by the above procedure are evaluated by the CPG evaluation group using the AGREE II*(Appraisal of Guidelines for Research & Evaluation II) Instrument.

Selection by CPG evaluation committee

Based on the above AGREE II evaluation results, potential CPG are selected by the CPG evaluation committee composed of external panel members.

Publication on MINDS website:

Bibliographic and related information of selected CPG are disseminated through the MINDS website prior to the publication of the guidelines. Once the publication consent is obtained from the authors and publishers, the guidelines are subsequently published on the website.

The AGREE II Instrument consists of 6 domains (Domain 1. Scope and Purpose, Domain 2. Stakeholder Involvement, Domain 3. Rigour of Development, Domain 4. Clarity of Presentation, Domain 5. Applicability, Domain 6. Editorial Independence) and overall assessment.
Reference information: AGREE II (original English version)